This area is solely for initiation of E-commerce.

There is a nominal fee charged for initiation of E-commerce and further terms and conditions of this can be found in the subsequent page after log-in at this page.

The buyer procedure:

  1. Selection of one/many manufactures or services providers form the drop down lists from whom the buyer wants a quote

  2. Give a brief inquiry of the requirements  and  attach specifications/datasheets as an option

  3. Once the section is completed inquiries are directly forwarded to the selected manufacturers and/or services providers and the buyer will get charged the indicated rate/s immediately. Details will appear after their log-in.

  4. After that direct negotiations/ordering takes place between the buyers and the manufacturers/ service providers and the site is no longer involved or liable for further discussions/ negotiations/purchasing of products or services.

The Seller:

  1. New sellers have to log-in first via the ‘To Advertise’ area and register

  2. Sellers already registered can have a look at the new inquiries via their screens after logging in as advertisers.

  3. Once the seller receives the inquiry he receives the inquirer's contact details and gets charged the indicated rate. After that direct negotiations take place between the seller and the buyer. Details will appear after their log-in.



After login click 'Home' at anytime to assess your personal details visible at the log-in field